Keep Going Always is my life-long mantra & legacy that I want to share with the world. So, I decided to bring you products that can help you towards feeling good & better about yourself.



Working on your MINDSET, Boosting your CONFIDENCE, Increasing your SELF-ESTEEM & much more.


My whole aim with creating this added bonus to the businesses I have already, is that this personal development business is to help you on the inside so you work towards having what you desire on the outside.



Personal Development, Mindset & Gratitude are PARAMOUNT to help you with your life, business, relationships and much more.


 Based in Wiltshire, Great Britain.


Rebecca Adams has been in sales and coaching since 2003 and lives by her mantra “KEEP GOING ~ ALWAYS © daily.


She is an INTERNATIONAL LIFE MASTERY MENTOR mastering in MINDSET, Business Coach,  Amazon #1 International Bestselling Co-Author in 4 books, Law Of Attraction Practitioner and has the capability of finding a positive out of any negative situation.


Rebecca motivates people on her “Real & Raw at 4” Facebook Live broadcasts, has a YouTube Channel stocked with lots of inspirational and motivational videos PLUS she has been:- 


  • A Guest Speaker on the 24hr Empowerment Marathon by Edeline Francois Dryden

  • Interviewed on Welcome to Your Fuller Life by LeaAnn Fuller

  • Interviewed by Jumpstarters Founder Michael Gebben

  • Published in We Are Beautiful Magazine and We Are Beautiful Entrepreneurs Magazine

  • Published in Queen B Magazine

  • A Guest Speaker on Be Exposed Radio


She runs a successful Coaching Practice ( as well as being a busy Mum of 2 children, of which one has Autism.


Rebecca travels around the world attending masterminds, conventions and inspiring people as she goes.


She wanted to set up a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT business to help you to follow her PHILOSOPHY>


“You CAN and WILL achieve anything you set your mind to. Work on your Mindset”.