Keep Going Always ©


I am very humbled and honoured to have been asked by Latonya Thomas (the owner) to write an article in December 2017 about Keep Going Always © in her online magazine >> QUEEN B MAGAZINE.

To read the entire article please click the image above and enjoy.

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Thanks in advance, Rebecca.x

Being Tilly's Mummy


My dear friend Vicky Hall-Newman is an incredible blogger in London and she wrote an article in April 2017 on my Keep Going Always range © and how the products can help to inspire, motivate and boost you…..esepcially if you’re being bullied and the haters always have opinions about you and putting you down constantly.

I always say MINDSET IS KEY and is THE one thing that you need to work on daily in order to stay at peace within yourself and to be truly happy.


Click the image above to read Vicky’s article.