The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Book (Vol 1)


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I am humbled and honoured to be a co-author in The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Book Vol 1, together with 21 POWERFUL women leaders globally.

It is an Amazon TRIPLE #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, together with the accompanying Workbook.

In this first book of the series 22 women share their inspirational stories of trials, tribulations, heartache plus much more and show you how nothing has held them back in order to step into their power to becoming UNSTOPPABLE.

The book shows, through the peeling back of the curtain, just a little bit of their lives and how they embraced their purpose to transform from playing small and feeling unworthy at that time to really stepping it up!

My chapter is called UNBREAKABLE FAITH IN ME and it was very emotional for me to write. I hope you can resonate with me or know someone who can.

You will truly be blown away by every chapter in this book and also the resilience and drive that each co-author has – pulled out from within them.

This book will show you how to:

~ Value your own self-worth and get your message out into the world
~ Increase your confidence and self-esteem
~ Conquer your life and issues with certainty and confidence
~ Embrace your divine gifts with feminine grace
~ Rise up and step into your passion with purpose
~ Boost and motivate you to change and charge your inner power
~ Begin the journey of becoming that unstoppable woman of purpose

Take charge, control and decide to change your life and business TODAY! The decision is yours.

You are going to be a different person from starting this book to finishing it, and you will also see things differently from one ladies chapter to the next. It’s very inspirational and emotional.

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