The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose BUNDLE (Vol 1)


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The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose Book and Workbook (Vol 1) are available in a BUNDLE with a FREE Keep Going Always Pencil ©

I am very honoured to be a co-author in this anthology movement by Nella Chikwe and both the book and workbook are Amazon TRIPLE #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERS.

I am alongside 21 Global Women Leaders sharing their unique and inspirational stories about trauma, trials, drama and tribulations before they stepped into their own power and purpose to become UNSTOPPABLE and they encourage YOU to do exactly the same – no matter what is showing up for you in life or business.

It is YOUR time to be unstoppable! Take these books as a lightbulb moment and GO FOR IT!!

With the BUNDLE you will receive the Volume 1 set and also a FREE Keep Going Always Pencil © so that you can fill in the actionable workbook.

You will:

~ Rise up and step into your purpose with passion
~ Increase your self-worth, self-esteem and motivation
~ Feel inspired and boosted to make the change you desire to make
~ Be able to value your worth and see things differently
~ Embrace your gifts and be more confident
~ Be fired up and raring to go on any projects you have
~ See your life, business and journey differently
~ Change your mindset and how you are

I am so thrilled and excited for you to receive this bundle! Conquer your life and business TODAY with courage, power and a new-found confidence.


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